Need to find shady bankers? Look no further than Jason Matthew Ortiz (1/31/1974)

Let me empahsize my motivation - these are the thugs that have moved mass amounts of hard drugs down into schools to people as young as 10. They accuse others of their crimes, using a range of soft and hard influence.

Jason Ortiz accused me of drugging a teacher - I didn't do it - his friends not only did it - they supplied massive LSD and Methamphetamines into Pound Jr. High in Lincoln, Nebraska. His uncle worked there as a teacher. This was a key element that messed my family up forever - yet Jason continues to harrass and cost me money. Please help shine light on Jason and his crew so it's a lot harder for them to deal drugs to kids. Is Jason even human?

Lincoln Nebraska has a HARD DRUG problem in it's middle schools, and the following crew has supplied it greatly - led by people like Jason Ortiz and Lance Rinne. Jason Ortiz has the influencing connections to teachers, cops and drug dealers. Ortiz puts the blame on others while his closest friends and partners ship the drugs to kids.

Eric Leyden is an example of one of Jason's friends who has a history of enforcing for this group using a bat. The art teacher - John Carey (was he a talent recruiter for Franklin Credit Union?) was a 40 year old guy plying junior high boys with drugs - was he also molesting them? Jason and him had a special connection - maybe that's where Jason got messed up - when Carey was hitting him from behind.

Sandusky Alert!

Jason Ortiz, Chris Disanka and Matt Wann would start and run a business with older men banging younger boys in showers - except they hid cameras in bags to record the works. Well known - Jason moved to California for a few years to let this one die down. Jason could also be known as Sandusky, jr - probably more fitting. Can John Carey be blamed for getting Ortiz into the male butt banging business? I don't know, but I do know that Jason Ortiz is a big fan of John Carey.
Jason's wife is pictured here - you would think once someone gets married they would stop screwing people over and doing hard drugs. Guess not on both counts - news is she had to get a new kidney - that's the typical sign of heavy hard drug use - goes with Jason I guess. Oh by the way it's my family Jason screwed over and he continues to screw with me - costing me money and opportunities. Ya rude to post someone's wife and mention her kidney replacement due to drug usage - Andrea Jantzen was her maiden name. Stop screwing people over Jason - if it wasn't me anyone else would have taken a baseball to you by now - you're just getting posted on the internet is all.
Even Jason's dad's death is murkey - a cop in his 30s dies in his garage from carbon monoxide posioning while on duty - but it's listed as a suicide and no one at LPD talks about it - ever - probably an assisted one. I mean the guy had two healthy kids, a wife and a job at LPD - yet commits "suicide" in his garage. I had nothing to do with Jason's family getting f'd over by his fathers crimes - it's too bad he was killed for it. But Jason comes after my family for no reason - scoring a big hit - and continues to cause me problems intentionally. I just want Jason and his crew to back off of me - I'm not looking to even the scores - the sum total would end up with Jason done like his dad was. It's too bad your dad's death was hardly investigated by the LPD - but I didn't do that to your family - you screwed mine and continue to harass me.

The on duty death LPD doesn't investigate or talk about - what did this dirty cop do?

Like father, like son - Martin setup someone for a crime they didn't commit.

Ryan Hobelman, Ryan Isherwood, John Boldt, Bob Adams and Jason Ortiz collaborate to help run this scheme - making sure kids around Lincoln get plenty of hard drugs. Let me be clear Jason, your startup buddy Matt was the older idiot that deals LSD to Lanny. You know this. You think you're a special scammer; it's your good buddy that is the serious punk that deals acid to someone like Lanny.
Jason Ortiz is someone that regularly celebrates the damage his crew has done to my family - thinks he's above the law - he can help deal acid and blame others. I don't care his dad was a cop, and this isn't about Jason using some drugs, this is about endangering underage people - I don't think Jason even understands that he and his friends are junk - i.e. thousands of acid hits sold to underage people at a school where his family works. His idea? Get someone else in trouble so his crew can continue?

Let me be specific though, the list supports Lance in all that he does. Lookout for your family, for your kids, for your friends, these people drug people.
Not only do these freaks put drugs in drinks, they like to blame it on others and then troll them for it.
This Lance Rinne druggie crew caused forever damage to my family; destroyed it. Revenge? No I'm asking this crew to stop.

Jason's side gigs

Jason M Ortiz still has a photography side gig - FB link
and also a pizza side gig - Spokes Pizza

Does Lance need to drug people?

Does Dr. Isherwood need to help him? Get the dosing right? I guess at least Lance has a trained pro to help him.
Jason does your favorite teach need drugged - sourced via your hidden camera business buddy Matt. You were there when the teacher was drugged, tried to blame me. Ended up f'ing his too life, he was busy doing drugs with you and people knew, that's what kept Lance in school - and me out of formal trouble as well (was bad for several weeks until the teacher took a closer look and figured it out it was Lance Rinne). In the end Jason, you totally f'd that art teacher on all sides.
Matt Wann works at the VA in Omaha as a nurse. While he made mistakes long ago - I've never seen him celebrate what he's done.

JASON ORTIZ I've asked MATT WANN to help back you off of me. STOP DEALING ACID into middle schools.

Jason Ortiz above - with his drug distribution side business - Haberfeld employs him to capture photos and video - I wonder if they check their bathrooms for hidden cameras... the banker women are probably worth good bucks online for someone like this! If any of you remember that garbage with Chris Disanka recording himself banging boys basketball players in the shower (ya penn st style) - except in this case Jason helped him setup hidden cameras in his bags to record it. Jason is a moron that will try to make a quick buck no matter who gets screwed - literally.

Jason Ortiz you were the biggest idiot in this - you told the teacher to go after me (I was there and heard), after your buddy drugged him, and after your other buddy and business partner sold Lanny the acid.

Let's face it Jason, you were cool enough for the teacher to drug with, and Lance wasn't, that's why he drugged the teacher - Lance thought it would make them friends - I heard that even from you.... lol. You're a big man cuz when you're closer to 10 than 20, and the teacher is closer to 50 than 20, you were able to party with him. What winners. No I don't think the art teacher should have been drugged, but I wasn't never impressed with a 40 year old teacher tripping and drugging with kids - you're all tops. Matt was several years older too - so Jason has a real way of hanging out with older druggie people and getting them to get innocent people as he sees fit - I guess it's a talent.

Must be Jason Ortiz and his girlfriend here - no way could someone actually have a family that would destroy mine then continue to harass me and celebrate the damage they've done - backed by people that use baseball bats to keep controls - think the end of the movie Casino - ask Lance what happened to his teeth - Jason's crew.

Jason works at Haberfeld and Associates in Lincoln, from what I understand Jason does camera work (not hidden). Jason Ortiz is an example of the drug problem in Lincoln today, he's busy sending the authorities after no one so his friends can sell drugs to kids. Jason talks some high up talk, but don't forget his close friends sell hard drugs into junior high schools, and he's fine with it. Ortiz's best friend likes to beat people with bats, although he's not the one that batted out Lanny's teeth.
Jason Ortiz works with Sean Payant, Robb Rempel, David Sovey, Carmen Schwab, Preston Afrank, Jenfier Snook - ask these people why they employ a known camera hider? These names were place here for SEO purposes, lets hope they hit.

Lance works at NTT Data. Don't forget the drug deaths, i.e. Graham, the drugs came from Ortiz's crew. Barry Hemminger also fits tightly into this group. Dark and continuing history, this group should leave others alone now days. A few well to do young people died in their teens and twenties in South Lincoln in the 90s and 00s - due to drugs. Jason Ortiz was a common thread amongst them - and a common thread amongst hard drug dealers - hard meaning meth, coke, acid and those kind of drugs. I never saw him make a deal with Graham, on the other hand he was the main guy around them that could score hard.
It was Barry Hemminger's car where the acid flowed, even liquid acid, I remember Jason Ortiz dosing Andy Hartman in the eye - he squirt so much in his eye it rolled down his face, off his tongue and onto his shirt. I never saw Andy in high school again, another episode of Hemminger and Ortiz wheelin and dealin the acid to school kids, at school. So many kids would play with these fools and never go to regular school again...

Look these freaks up people, say hi to them - ask Lanny about his teeth, ask Jason about hiding cameras and selling underage photos online....

Saddest part is Jason Ortiz's uncle was/id a teacher at the school, and he goes on to become "business partners" with the older person that shipped drugs into the school. And their business was a special one. Listen to Jason talk, then checkout his actions and friends ... this guy will go into business with LSD dealers that attack the junior high where his family operates. Jason Ortiz and Ryan Hobelman had a special bond with Matt - must have provided them cheaper LSD at Pound Jr High. They must have looked up to the big acid dealer, when I saw Matt's stash, he had probably 20 sheets of 100 hits each of "fresh", and he was selling the older stuff cheaper. He must have sold 1000s of hits, and a good portion of that went to not high schools, but instead to at least one junior high schools. There was so much LSD at Pound, it was a joke, these guys lit the school up. Hobelman and Ortiz like to talk that they're high class, but when you look at the flow of acid at Pound sourcing from their older best buddy, they're a sad lie - drugs like LSD don't need to be in schools. I get Matt was their hero, but shouldn't that color Jason in quite a bit - his hero acid dealer, and his favorite teacher he smoke pot with.

Drugs have overrun this town, we need more people in Lincoln, NE to start treating selling drugs to kids like littering got treated in the early 80s - just don't do it. If people come together and focus on people like Jason and Lanny - and instead of listen to their games and lies so they can sell pedophile garbage or drug teachers - check out what they do and stand against it. Selling hard drugs down into junior high school is bad, and I don't think many adults think kids should get drugs, but Jason goes into business with the big dealer after accusing others of being what he is - a tilted freak that preys on the underage - all the way down to a junior high school.

This was written when these fools were still calling the cops on me! The LPD has since started to leave me alone...

DO NOT ever trust the LPD - I only cooperated with an officer that took me to the emergency room to be drugged. I didn't accept any drugs - he said I had to go. I ended up with $1k bill for this stupid episode. . LPD has problems killing innocents, just refer to the recent report of some guy here to for his sisters wedding, shot dead in his car by plain clothes cops. There are multiple sexual assaults by males officers on female officers and civilians proven in court - the vast majority of these officers that have convictions are still actively on the force.
LPD (Lincoln Police Department) has serious issues, please leave me alone, they've harassed me - monitored my phone and harassed my friends, when does it stop - all I want is for them and their favorite drug dealers (some listed here) - to leave me alone. I started this page 3 police chiefs (2 years) ago - and now the solution is to promote an insider to the top.


The Drug Dealers and how they turn out

When you're at an event, and Lance Rinne and crew is there (who put drugs in drinks) - do you let it slide? How about if it's your family and friends - it's ok for this crew to drug people?

Next time who knows who they'll blame it on - could be your kid.

These idiots started dealing acid in junior high school and gone on to bigger and stupider things. They've organized against me individually - I'm now fighting back against one and all.

This is my attempt to clear this up.


Numerous people on this list have made open ended threats against my well-being.

Ryan Hobelman Ryan Isherwood John Boldt

This crew has dealt hard drugs (coke conviction).
This crew regularly scams and steals - even leading to many deaths.

This group dreams up and spreads garbage on me - it's been stupid.
This group spreads stories using their customers, i.e. the name (at one time mine) to give to authorities when busted.

Lance is wearing his fake teeth here, the ones his mom bought for him after his real ones got knocked out from a baseball bat. Lance told the principal in 8th grade that the guy was the acid dealer, not himself (when he was the actual dealer). At least his family has quick cash for fake teeth.

In addition, this group has a strong "scam code" to not tell on each other. When I was younger almost none of these people had jobs or a place until they were 30, so drugs and scams are their trade skills. Some of them have jobs now - even reputation based positions with commission. None of these poeple have ever worked jobs that require more then minimal training or require long hours. They've had soft jobs landed to them because they're white and look good.

Who am I

It's no secret who I am. The people on this page will know who I am immediately. I'm not hiding, hi!
Since I'm the editor, I can choose to not list and link my name directly here. These stories are from me, and I back them. Where I didn't directly see, I link evidence or mention as such (hearsay).
This is no story about how high and perfect I've been. I'm not worried about social stories that don't involve the risk of jail time or physical health. If people have embarrassing, biased or partially true stories that I don't like, that's life. Stories that cause me to lose money or bring danger to my health or freedom -> the people described below pull this kind of stuff.
I'm going to be conducting a lot of interactions locally in the next year.
When I encounter someone that says there is a story about me that concerns them, I have this page.
I hope this page is shared with a number of the story spreaders and once they see the "death count" - I truely think they will question any and everything from this crew. For example when I mentioned to John Boldt Lanny drugged a teacher - look out - he's an idiot. John said "if Lanny did it, the teacher must have needed a trip! Ha ha". Go Boldt go - Bob Adams was there as well, laughing it up - they looked and laughed like it was the coolest thing they ever heard. These two eat, drink and live what Lanny says - like the others on this list. I haven't been able to figure out why - fake front teeth are not that cool.
I've asked and asked and asked for people to clean up the talk and the lies on me. The main response I get when it's serious is I or we simply can't - we're all too lied in. I ask... "lied in" to what?

If you're repeating stories - about anyone - sourced from this group...

Please investigate or stop - it's you and me that have believed these people in the past. It's hurt a lot of people. After reading more about the murders, I hope you all see what I do - it's better to bust a scammer sooner then later.
This group of dealers encourage their clients to spread consistent stories - using their dealing businesses for social advantage. Seems like a fair enough thing - get drugs and learn a little "news". Don't spread "their" news until you verify it - and verification isn't because you heard it again from another customer.

The Crew

Brad McClatchey - aka the QB

Brad's the star of the show today - he's the one that falsifies background checks for short term medical employees. Doane Hall of Fame QB used to have many connections in Lincoln for his business. When Brad was visiting Lincoln alone, he was running his operation; when with his wife he was not.
Hearsay story widely repeated long ago: An example of "Brad on the spot" in junior high Brad had a car already and had bags of dope in the trunk. His parents came outside and checked his trunk - found the dope. He immediately said it was Mark MacKenzie's dope. Brad's family banned Mark from coming over for over a year - this part I was able to observe. What's neat about this? Lance Rinne used to use my name for this purpose. Where Mark is Brad's "quick poop" button, I was Lance's - and Lance needed one to use a "lot".
Lance, Brad and Mark synchronize stories (scams) - so you'll likely hear consistent content from all three of these people. These people poison (I'd count someone being dosed with LSD against their will as poison) and disease (I'd count sharing a dirty syringe with someone in an operating room diseasing when you know you're sick) innocent people.
Brad paid a professional price for all these murders, but didn't see criminal or personal property penalties. It's a ton of messed up lives with an uncurable disease, and tens have died early deaths because of Brad.
I'm as guilty as Mark is about wanting and hoping Brad was a higher level person. I was around Brad a decent amount, he lived near by, and I have to admit he was kind of a scammer and dealer all the times I was around him. A higher level scammer and dealer then most I had been around at least. Brad hungout with numerous low class criminal people in Lincoln too - which wasn't part of his athlete/college/public profile.

Brad do you remember Lanny's wedding where Lanny talked a ton of criminal garbage on me (false stories), and you stood there and backed him. This was even before I told him I wasn't getting him a job. Lanny and my mom (behind my back) had oozed (slept with one to get Rinne a job) into Security Mutual Life's management and talked them into letting me hire anyone I wanted to work with me at the company. It's rare for someone under 25 to hire at a company like this. Security Mutual is one of my favorate companies. This is what led me to not care that much about staying, if my "mommy" can go behind my back and manipulate it's leaders, it's ugly. I didn't waste a moment and hired a bright person I met locally. Three weeks later at Lanny's wedding, he is insisting he knows I have a job I can give him. Two things, one I would quit if Lanny was hired and put near me, he's not a programmer and I was working in c++/windows at the time. Second, I actually filled the job - it had been gone for weeks. I hadn't talked to him in months - what a gap - he kicked me out. Said he never wanted to talk to me again. Fine, I actually still walked around for 5 minutes with him - it was "his" day. He was using Dr Ryan's sister as a stooge for his current scam - I was hitting on all the women at the event and had to be booted. Oh well, I only went because Lanny and my mom both asked if I was going every day for 2 weeks. I mean really, it was only trash at the wedding, I would have stayed home and watched TV instead - the only thing remotely interesting was "bright" scammers like Brad. I wasn't even aloud at SML to respond to what was said - it was taken as truth ... from Lanny to SML Mgmt and others on staff at work - secret stories. What were they? I should at least get to know that.

So Lance thinks I would just hold a position open for 3 weeks? And even though I am shaming the mgmt of the SML, they are a spectacular group of brains and class. I just don't see how mommy and Lanny pushed you all over. It's almost funny. This almost got me fired, my boss Dave, brought me in, and first thing I "got" (after being told I need to work on the hitting on women thing) said is no one told me until the wedding. He said say no more, as he's the one that told me a few weeks before to hire who I wanted to work with me.
One story is I have trouble hitting on women, and I did ask one to dance that I didn't see was with someone, and I'll take my foul on that - I tend to think she was one of the prettiest females I went to school with. Then Lanny played some games - after he told me he never wanted to talk to me again, he led me around to another female to set it up so he could boot me. Fine, I don't care that much, he called me like every day for a week before the wedding - but short "are you coming" calls. From what I heard later he seems to think I should be paying more attention - I wasn't around. I worked all the time already at this point, and people that just do drugs and hangout hoping for a cake job wasn't really my group. This didn't cause me any danger, but this is a case where my reputation was damaged, and the relationship between one of my favorite companies and me. (I played peewee football as a kid for the company team even).
This same garbage happened several times at different companies over the years. Just stay away from me please, after all the garbage both my mom and Lanny talk on me, then chase me around at companies and everything else. Stinky.

WTF were the stories anyways? They were so bad you were shocked even, both you and Shawn stood there with your mouths hanging wide open in shock.

Triage Staffing got to grow wildly with Brad's innovative technique of tossing out background checks for drug users. The other two co-founders today get to ride a wave of success and money - driven from drugs and crime... at least use the name of the firm you merged with? I think the Triage name has drug blood on it.

Any operation that currently has Triage Staffing Employees - run background checks again. Once a hepetitis outbreak occurs, it's a lot of money and time to track down the technician or nurse.

Triage's original crew has simply renamed their original corporation to keep paying Brad. Old Triage Staffing still making bucks from getting people sick.

David Kwiatkowski - the Hitman

This is Brad's junkee buddy that directly infected hundreds of people with hepetitis from his own blood. He testified under oath he knew he was sick and sickening patients from his blood. He's been convicted of murder. After already having been fired multiple times from hospitals for documented drug offenses, he couldn't find a job. He heard about Brad and Triage in Omaha, that Brad was magic and always found a way to get people jobs. He contacted Triage specifically requested Brad, and magically managed to get a position at Triage as a medical technician.
As far as someone who does others with drugs, this is how Lanny was caught tripping in junior high - Lance Rinne dosed a teachers coffee with a hit of LSD so the teacher could trip with him. The teacher noticed he was starting to trip and went hunted down the tripping students. Smart call Lanny. Dont push drugs on others. No one admitted to dosing the teacher, but Lanny told me he did, and Dale said he didn't - if it wasn't Lanny it would have had to of been Dale.
Out of context, but since I'm revealing some who donit from way back - it was Aaron O that tossed the spit wad that covered the clock almost completely, maybe short 1/8" at most on each side. It was a perfect centered toss. After a while when old (and known as hard of hearing) Dr. R turned a bit and and looked up at the clock, he tossed down the chalk, walked over, grabbed his coat and walked down to the office 10 days into second semester in 8th grade. He retired early and we never saw him again, we had some people in those Pound classes. Dr R was a perfectly nice teacher and Aaron a perfectly nice guy, it was just a silly mix. Mr F, the other science teacher raced into the room like 10 minutes later, the whole class was chatting, laughing and having a good time - we had won. Mr F pulled me a couple other students out of the class and took us down to the principal and asked us who tossed the wad. We didn't tell. An admission, on the day the students were tripping and the teacher pulled them out of class, I was tripping too, but didn't get pulled out. I got to finish the school day. At lunch, which I lived close to the school so I got to walk home, my mom was home - the only time ever. I'm pretty sure this is when the other students were fetched. I didn't confess on the day a wad retired a teacher, that was funny and I hope Mr F chills out a bit, he was super cool, it wasn't that big a deal. The day someone dosed a teacher with acid, I wasn't in the principals office that day. I had already been pretty much disowned from the previous summer drinking too much Jack Daniels with Dale and ending up in the hospital - 100% my fault and 200% destructive to my family. My dad didn't want me back and I didn't really want to have to come back after spending a few weeks in Iowa. This wouldn't change for decades - I wasn't home much after that. Our family already had interesting situations I hadn't caused and I wanted out. I wasn't ever trying to die, I just wanted to live somewhere else since I was very young. The one thing my parents, my father once too even, would do is get me out of trouble, so I would mess up with drugs and alcohol many more times until I moved out after high school - but never really tripping up because of it.

Brian Bock - The Golf Pro

Convicted coke dealer and former UCLA golf team captain now working as the face of a bank. Brian is a story spreader - to more elite circles. Brian hung out with me after he was convicted but before he went to prison - although he never told me about - and even lied when he went to prison - claims he was moving to sell phones. My guess is he was developing victims to try to scam to get himself out of trouble. My opinion is if he just got the stuff done, this could have been a 1-2 year deal total; instead by screwing around and fighting, he was almost 30 when he got out of jail. Was it a wasted life? What was he going to do anyways, he's a loan officer; what do they actually do that is hard - I guarantee you he's not underwriting. Brian continues to operate and socialize with Brad. I can't see how a commercial banker would want to operate with an accessory to murder and drug dealing cohort.
Brian closely associates with John Boldt and Robert Adams, in addition to Brad and Lanny.
Hearsay: The drug Brian was busted for was GHB - not coke. I'm not sure on this, but it seemed a long prison term for how rich his family is, and how decent his back story was - UCLA golf captain at the time, etc. It might have been GHB. The source of information is bad, but it does seem a stretch for 3 years for a first offense situation, and I also heard he narced off David S to try to reduce the charges with the narc. But David wasn't his dealer, so maybe that backfired and caused him even more trouble anyways. I find this the most likely, as if a scam is possible, people on this list do it. Scamming someone else, by turning in a pot dealer as your coke supplier is just the type of thing Brad and Brian do. David told me like 20 cops came to bust him, covered every window, etc. My guess is they were there to take down a hard core dealer and found some pot. My guess is the LPD, once again, had games played with it. Go LPD! The LPD when not pushed around by local rich families, is a very smart and active organization - I'm telling you I know it for sure, and scammers should head to other towns. Although that's what Brad did, and look how that went.

Mark MacKenzie - the deck swab

Neat thing about Mark is he hit a kid at a job before this one with an ice truck ... wouldn't take the drug test, so they fired him and he found a job at this place.

Mark doesn't see an issue in spreading I'm a narc. I've got a ton of hearsay routes. I swear the rumour is false. Mark's current company is fine with him spreading this at work - they're happy to repeat it and "warn" their friends about me. Class organization - upgrading a Mark level rumor to Williamson Honda Truth.

I'm "fairly" sure this rumour started with John Boldt and transferred heavily thru Mark and Bob Adams. Lots and lots of spread.

Mark are you trying to kill me? The real stuff behind your rumour is MEAN. So you have the real stories? The ones that say I should die? Why? The real joke is Mark was a youth football coach and drug dealer - and he's busy spreading lies I'm a drug dealer and a narc? Wake up. When have I ever dealt drugs Mark? To who?

If you're a member of a buyers group that frequents Honda of Lincoln, PLEASE STOP. The people running this carlot today had nothing to do with building it - they're simply a bunch of coke heads living on free commission - lets get some new carlots and give some hardworking people a chance. The buyers groups have been cute, but now it's just a drug hole that drinks your money. The buyers groups built this place, time to build something new!

This is the Mark that Brad called a dealer as a kid. This same Mark still idolizes Brad. Mark and Brad started doing drugs in the (at most) 7th grade. Mark flunked 7th grade. I don't think Mark is stupid. I think it was drugs, but from time to time, I wonder if it was both. Mark spreads secret stories that aren't supposed to retold (to me), and the source is secret too. The carlot he works at spread his stories - including the one about me being a narc. I don't think Mark actually understands scams can lead to serious trouble. Mark, would you please actually read through what happened with one of Brad's scams? PLEASE. Mark views himself as a 1st class citizen of this scam crew, but actually I think he's a 2nd tier player that mostly functions as a story spreader and filler for social events. Mark and Lanny are probably the two people who have talked about me the most in history. While talk about social events is irritating, and some of the stories are partially true at best, scamming on a social story isn't what I'm talking about here. I'll live with the social talk - even if Mark and Lanny have hardly been around me since high school. In fact, I've never been around Mark directly very much, he just loves to talk about me in conversations as if he's been a friend. Mark where do your stories come from? Do your stories even map to real ones - like time frames, places? I was out of the state and out of the country almost half the time from 19-25. You were never around me, so you probably don't realize there are large gaps when I wasn't even in town. Check out your stories on me, they certainly weren't recorded with your eyes, but probably your ears, and probably from Brad or Lanny. Honda people who smooze my mom and spread garbage on me? I take it heavier then the others - eventhough I haven't talked to my mom, I do feel there is a special level of scammy slime when people are friendly to a lady at the same time spreading scams on her son. Slime. Mark was a head football coach for a midget football team - a position he only got because of his best friends dad - not earned or deserved. I think most anyone else would have been a better example for kids ... check the death count Mark. I heard Mark had Brad come out and help coach a few practices with the QBs. While I'm sure Brad is a good QB coach, I'm not sure he should be around young people ever again.

Mark stop being John Boldt's mouth piece. Your breath is starting to smell real bad - that happens from giving too many trombones to him.

It's small change for Mark to repeat lies that endanger me, but when the truth puts him at risk - that's a big deal. If you care so much about the safety of the people around you - why put innocent people in danger? Do you actually believe the people on this list, or are simply a tool that spreads their garbage? I'm pretty sure you're just a cheap tool - not worthless - worse - risky.

Mark you have sold drugs to me -> I swear on my life - and you run around calling me a dealer, a narc and a thief? Based on what? Stories you heard? You coached youth sports and dealt drugs - ugly - why run around and lie too? Selling some small amounts of drugs isn't a big deal - but why smear others when the lies you spread are true about yourself?

Mark please don't forget it was you who decided to put my life at risk - while I'm pretty sure I've never done a thing like that to you. So now you're mad? I still haven't put a threat on your life or the people around you - can you say the same? Do you even understand what you repeat (that you could not have seen!) can get others hurt?
Mark trusts these people that dose school teachers with acid to repeat their stories as truth?

Sad truth is Mark sold drugs when he was the head coach of a youth football team - what a quality example of a person. He went to extra effort one time to connect to me when I was coaching for another organization - one I worked for as an employee also. Mark is busy hyping up his coaching spot - behind my back accusing me of dealing drugs when it was actually him. What a joke, I made plenty of money - pretty much since I was a kid tossing papers - but I really made enough at this point to not be a dealer. This group and their ability to deal drugs and tell lies is special.

Jeff O'Gorman - The Enforcer

Ryan Hobelman honorable mention here for specifically when Rinne was dealing acid.

Who does Jeff work for? Who supports this garbage by paying him?

Jeff has cost me ~$1000 recently in bills - it would be nice to see this employer donate 10x that amount to charites for drug abusers - meth is bad and Jeff and Lanny have done their part. Time to pay back some.

Jeff threatened to shut me up if I talked about Lance Rinne. I asked Jeff in a rude manner to retract the threat. He called the police (which is fine). Jeff told the police he did no such thing (I heard via the cop that came over to take me in for a mental eval - more later).
Jeff's special place here is he helps connect to LPD children - so he can get them meth.
Jeff I simply suggest you retract your threat. And apologize for it. Lance Rinne spread scam stories on me (in addition to being a meth dealer). There is no reason to back your meth dealer who also started you on meth. Wake up. It was in Carrie's basement where you levelled the threat if you need a location, which I told the cop, although I haven't yet pressed charges. I would have just taken you down but I was still hoping this garbage would pass at that time - and trust me this is an open war and it's a bad choice to have an open threat on me.
That's garbage. I'm not scared. And outside of your complete fasicination with Lanny, you seem a straight laced and clean person. Read all of this please Jeff. Do you even know the real story on Lanny's teeth?
Please make it right, or I won't shutup. I let a lot of things go, but Lance is junk, and a threat to stop me from clearing up the lies ... it's wrong.

Jeff, I get you want to make Lanny and his crew as beautiful and big as possible. I happen to think because of this, you're a completely worthless piece of poop. Refer to all the dead people that can happen from letting scammers roll. I can already here you say that wasn't Lanny. Ya, i got ya, keep his secret stories rolling.
I remember Lanny telling some stories, then your family banning from inside the house, and Carrie too. Oh well, but I asked you what the story even was - you wouldn't even say. Lanny came out a bit later - and all he said is you know I've told a lot of lies, I had to. And that was it. That's the last time I ever talked to Lanny. I get you bragged up not letting me in the house, whatever, I'm so hurt, I don't care. I'd like to know what I did .... because I don't think I did it. I don't get that minimum respect from you?


And you'll repeat secret stories from an acid dealer. Should anyone ever respect you again? I have a $1k bill from the ER - I cooperated with the cop you sent so LPD knows I'm fine. I'd like to know what you said to get a cop to try to lock me in the mental ward... lol. I might actually use that one if I learn - never said I was perfect. But as far as I'm concerned one of the companies on this list is paying that bill - I'm starting with the one you work for. Think of it as Mexico paying for the wall, except I'm not Trump.

Watch out who you're scamming and what for - in the future if you scam the wrong person you may get your teeth knocked out (upcoming story on Rinne). Rinne sold acid in junior high, got busted. The females he sold it to didn't narc him out and were expelled for good. Dale Nelson and Lanny narced out an innocent (although tripping) new student at the school. Wrecked his life. I guess it's all even since got hit Rinne in the face with a bat. Ya, his front teeth fake - "a bad drug deal" kind of descibes the real story. His story is he tripped and ate a concrete curb, lost 6 teeth and his parents paid for top dollar fakes. Didn't your dad work at the Penn? Must have been a nice deal for Brian to have a friend on staff. Dale and Lanny only had to go home for the day since they narced. But it wasn't the right person. I know the right persons name, no need to pull him in here, although he's not really a friend of mine, he's someone I don't believe spreads false garbage for no reason. You know what happened Shannon, I got completely sick of these scams, and I hoped in the past you were decent. I just really have no reason to think that now. I still hope.

Edit note: the previous person was removed as they really aren't a part of this and were simply in the picture - the blah blah about them in here was revenge based only, so it's out.

Will there be more chapters?

1 - Lanny, Shawn, and at least the Wolfe brothers
2 - Lanny, Barry Hemminger, Ryan Hobelman (scammed Kari's widowed mom and tried to blame me) and Ryan Isherwood (DRs shouldn't push drugs with Rinne)
3 - Lanny, John Boldt (another medical professional), Bob Adams, Dale Nelson, Rex Anderson, Tim Glazer, and Tim Trainor
-- this group has a massive consistent story that I was a major dealer and narc - and I can't even get the whole story from people myself, they just don't want in it. This entire group has synchronized this lie and put my life at risk. They are worried about there lives and reputations. What about my safety - you all brought this to me..... let's clean this up. I believe it is to cover up their own activities - get the scam off my back. This isn't about me screwing you, it's me gettig you people OFF MY BACK. STOP USING MY NAME. When under threat, and I don't even know, think about what that did to everyone else around me. I can't let this go on.
-- more as needed if stories come to mind

Barry Hemminger and Ryan Hobelman have MADE MANY enforcement threats and messages against me if I talk about Rinne. I request you clear this up - you're both handy individuals and I am nervous. There are MANY witnesses of these threats - and until I hear it's done, I consider you both active threats to my life. I know you both were involved in the acid flow in junior high - you're freaks. I believe in my heart when you made the threats they were both serious and forever. Ryan Hobelman is subject to anger problems and he has a very dirty background, very close to Rinne. Hobelman knows how dirty Rinne really is, and he's a huge defender. So it Isherwood and Hemminger. But those 2 aren't as dumb as Hobelman, he actually thinks acid dealing is cool ... ha ha. Ryan Hobelman is a real low class scam - I'm not sure if he or Dale Nelson is the bigger liar and thief. While Dale stole for drugs, Ryan was more of a scam and snake to impress Lance. Ryan is one of the best liars I have ever seen, it is what he can do.

WTF do you idiots talk about me, when there is simply ugly stuff - and lots out there. It's probably why you all talk about me - keep the attention off of yourselves with lies. Sure there is a little truth some times in what you say - but mostly lies to scam. Scam a widow? She was scrubbing floors to make it with 2 kids in a small apartment - not an isse for Ryan. Lets scam her, she's a grown up. Hobelman got the honor of walking me out of Lanny's wedding - he was busy telling me in my ear it was for hitting on women - and repeating it - expecting me to go with it. Whatever, I almost got fired over it. In fact, in many ways I lost a number of quality connections at work from this game. Do you not like being on here Ryan - is it not good for your image? Was not a concern should I lose a job. Your salary was posted online a few years ago when the state DB leaked. I earned more then you already way back at Lanny's wedding, so I could care less about your "job" now.

Barry and Ryan have threatened to shut me up as well as Jeff. Scarey part is I don't think they could take me 1 on 1 in a fight - either - so how would they do it? Is that threat still here? I consider it is.
Tim Trainor threatened me not to talk about John Boldt the same way Jeff O'Gorman threatened me not to talk about Lance Rinne. Hmmm, why are John and Lance putting threat on me?

I had no job to give Rinne. No F'n way would I have hired him anyways - refer to football.

I think his scam plan was to get me to give him a job and kick me out. Was well run really, regular for you all, if that's how you want to do your wedding - "scam style". I'm sure Hobelman knows Lanny narced out an innocent person in 8th grade as an acid dealer - backs him "unconditionally" as spoken to me a few times. Lanny and Hobelman are in on everything together - quote from both of them to me, more then once. The guy wasn't an acid dealer, he got kicked out of normal school for good. Am I lying Hobelman? He was a VERY cool guy too (should it matter - he was actually innocent). "M." was the older person (and VERY good friend of Ryan) - this guy sold A LOT of LSD to Pound Junior High students and I believe supplied Rinne - because he sold lots of it for quite a while. To the suppliers defense - the kids at Pound "loved" drugs and actually could handle the acid decently. Not looking to pull him in (scares me and I've never seen him really spread a story on anyone)- but Hobelman and him are buddies. What REALLY HURT guy that got narced is they said he needs to narc off his guy. He didn't have a guy to narc off - other then Rinne. The school wanted the "older" person that supplied acid to pre teens. Why don't I share the name? It's a scarey thing - I think acid for kids is bad. Maybe one for history - can we clear the innocent acid dealer? I realize he's let this go as the best deal he could get at the time was knock out Rinne's teeth. And this makes sense to this group. My guess is he's still ok, knocking those teeth out had to feel and look good. I tend to think the record should show he's innocent as well. The teeth knockout option should be just "makeup" for the scam, not to also eat the legend. I heard the guy has the teeth "pieces" that busted out from the hit. Can I buy a bit of it? I mean I doubt I have to worry about you scamming me with a tooth from a corpse like the rest of this group. I will work weeks and weeks to pay if needed - this would become the first piece of jewelry I ever make.
NOTE: These broken teeth should not be in this persons pocession - so this is not a request to buy body parts - yet - if Rinne comes out with the true story, then this is a request for some of the teeth for free.

SERIOUS SCAM CREW! - next chapter soon...

Takes time to remember and write, then link stuff. I'll get it done though.

One person works at a hospital (read above) - scary.

Another is the face of Nebraska Department of Transportation - this is someone that scams a widow and her 2 children that are one step from the mission.

Mike P if you see this and want in the story, your call, you moved a few weeks after telling me things are completely f**ked up and staring at Rinne. Mike kind of blamed Rinne on me a little bit - not for Rinne but for HTF did we get him? BTW in the next chapter we'll cover the David R trade for Rinne. Rinne found his wife and led a terrific group of people to a much lower place. I went on to college and was for the most on campus (wonderful stuff). The people in Rinne's new group listened and believed his stories and spread them. It sucked, but at the same time a gap was forming between Rinne and me, and only one more time would a super effort (via mommy and SML) would there be an attempt to close it. I made the mistake of messing with Barry Hemminger and Ryan Isherwood along with Rinne in our senior year. Barry and Ryan Isherwood went all in with Rinne, scamming me and the football team at every step. Ryan even became a doctor. Do you still come back and fill his hero hole Ryan? Proud of your role in the death count. Being a doctor doesn't change that you helped deal drugs and scam people.
The two of them teamed up with Rinne to push drugs on sophomores. While it was pot in some cases, doctors like drugs and Isherwood and Rinne did the true pushing from what I saw first hand. Barry is still an elusive enforcer, but I think he has some moral level, allow it's not higher then even Shawn's I don't think. This was one empty cold crowd that wanted to infect hard drugs on others.
Lets just say it turned out maxmimum bad. I took my shot with Rinne, he asked to run along with me in football. I'm sure Barry and Ryan think he it was a wonderful thing. He ended up using mommy behind my back with a bunch of lies to get on the field. Cost us the playoffs, he in 12 plays, he allowed 4 touchdowns. Lincoln High went to the playoffs, who we beat with the same record. Barry thought was it was ok. We had a chance for numberous more scholarships, but Barry didn't care, as it was neat Lanny got to play. Barry - do you believe had we made the playoffs, would even one more person on that team have gotten a small ball scholarship? I doubt you do Barry, but I believe you helped screw over a number of people we graduated with at a chance for a better start. Ya, Barry you're making it into the next one. Barry do you see all the dead people? Keep helping Rinne and Brad scam. I did react, I got pissed off in practice and started hitting people. I hit a sophomore player who turned out to be a very important person in sports and business. A first class person. To this person I apologize, this violence that I layed out in practice was not related to you, and you were a third party innocent victim of anger due to Rinne and mommy lieing and making deals behind my back. Senior year football, where I was a captain, should have been my year to enjoy. Instead Rinne and mommy teamed up to f it up. While I could get over that, I hate the idea we probably could have won at least one playoff game and provided opportunities to people we grew up with. Nice job Barry, I look at Barry as the person I wanted to trust. Barry is a scammer with Lanny, Barry, I hope the world returns the favors to you that you helped lay on our class with Lanny. Lanny was a f'n acid dealer - and I 100% believe you know most of this. Shawn at least had some heart, and Mike, but I'm starting to look at Barry as a chip off the Lanny and Brad block at this point. Mommy did mothering by sleeping around and getting other people to watch me and mess with me. I had to disconnect from most people in my life due to these events - when your own mom is one of the biggest scammers in town it's hard. Did I mention she had a heavy hand in destroying a 3 billion dollar bank and costing at least 500 jobs. At least she got to tool around, help Lance and screw me over. Oh, and the bank - and it's employees. If mommy is still alive (she could be dead, been 10 years since I talked to her - directly for this Lanny and Mark garbage - she won't even listen to what I have to say about Mark's place of work (Mark using it as a poop spreader) or Lanny) - could you please read up on the Brad stuff. Scams kill people mommy. I'm again sorry to the sophomore I hit very hard - probably causing a concussion. As the week went, I learned more about the scam and I'm eternally sorry and can't replace my lack of knowledge. I've parted from the scammers, including my mom.
The one more is to cover Lanny well, 1 year, 2 guys, 4 DUIs and one ton of meth. Their apartment seemed like it had a white dust layer everywhere just from so tossed down and snorted there. When I rolled to parties with these toons - once after they both had 2 DUIs, white was everywhere in their world - no reason for them to use their car to move it. 4 DUIs and no meth found - would seem they were just drunks. Shawn moved away forever.
I'm a busy person trying to generate business and create jobs - literally. If this works well enough that people that have been repeating the deluge of stories about me originating from this group (David K is innocent in this regard) no longer value this group high enough to listen to. In fact, many people may question if they've been misled and suffered their own consequences. Beyond me, many others have suffered, as these notes show. In the past these stories have had a detrimental effect on my professional career and relationships in the local area. I've been willing to eat that damage until now.
There is 10-15 more of Lanny's customers I could group up and write stories I remember. So there could be more chapters - and they will probably be funner, this is the only one with murder in it (that I know of) so far.
There are a lot of scam stories I could clear up, I honestly think Lance committed a decent percentage of his life making and spreading stories on me. He's was "that friend" for me. The one where Ryan Hobelman scammed a widow for some bucks (next chapter) - Lanny had a hand in.

And Finally - this page is for Reputation Destruction. I've asked and asked and asked and asked for people to stop spreading scams on me. My only option is to destroy the reputation of the story tellers, and backers.

While revenge is in the pen and ink, the purpose of this page is to protect my reputation going forward.

* - totals are calculated totals from various press articles. They are subject to error.